Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bike-In Movie Series

This First Friday at 8:30 41 Wharf St will be hosting the first Bike-in movie night of an ongoing series. Come watch the classic Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man, as well as the award winning stop-motion animated short Bonefeather. Co-creator of the short, Nathan Gilliss will be be in attendance (all the way from Vancouver) to take your questions, eat popcorn served out of a cart and drink refreshments with you. Below are some of Nathan's hand made sets. Come. It's free.


September in Maine means the COMMON GROUND COUNTRY FAIR. One of my favorite perks of the whole affair is waiting for the release of the annual poster design. This year, it was kind of a miss for me. But I still love looking through the archives to see the chronology of perfected folk art that has come down the chute. Here are a few that make my eyes go all swoonlike.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday was the third annual PICNIC sale here in Portland. A bountiful mix of vintage, eclectic ephemera, and unique local art was festooned amongst vendors at Lincoln Park. Throw in some summer sun and I was beaming like a button. Here are some of the goods that caught my eye. Stubborn runt that I am, I made a decree to take home one scant item for the day.

Then one became two.

My bounty. A vintage Kodak Brownie, and a dandy Pedal Wench Cycling cap (refurbished from a black weave mini skirt!) How can a guy say no.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Somewhat overlooked, I've always been fascinated by FIRE MARKS. A wealth of amazing iconic imagery for sure: they're also a tell piece of human nature. When makeshift fire brigades were more en vogue, each plate depicted a particular company that insured a building. The more money an insurance company had, the bigger the reward for snuffing out those pesky fires. With hands around a waterjug, it's only natural instinct for those fingers to work like divining rods to the nearest well of money.